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Cashier's Office Student Officer Training

Cashier's Office Services

The Cashier's Office performs many services on behalf of student organizations

  1. Deposit processing.
  2. Starting fund preparation and reconciliation.
  3. Petty Cash processing
  4. "Debit" card issuance, reconciliation, and reload.

Training is available for all of these services.  Because of the auditing and authorization requirements involved, Debit Card Training is required for student organization presidents and treasurers.

Training Dates Available

Winter Quarter 2021

Please note that debit card training from the Cashier's Office is separate from SOFO training.  Although some of the same topics are addressed, one office training cannot be used to substitute or satisfy the training requirement of the other office.

All training sessions will be held as online meetings.  Please e-mail the Cashier’s Office at to sign up for a remote debit card training session. Once we receive your e-mail, we will send you a link to join a training. Thank you.

Winter 2021 Officer Debit Card Training Schedule
Date Day Time Norris Room
02/05/2021 Friday 11:00 AM Zoom
02/08/2021 Monday 3:00 PM Zoom
02/10/2021 Wednesday 3:00 PM Zoom
02/16/2021 Tuesday 1:00 PM Zoom
02/19/2021 Friday 10:00 AM Zoom
02/22/2021 Monday 3:00 PM Zoom
02/26/2021 Friday 1:00 PM Zoom
03/02/2021 Tuesday 1:00 PM Zoom
03/05/2021 Friday 9:00 AM Zoom
03/09/2021 Tuesday 1:00 PM Zoom
03/10/2021 Wednesday 3:00 PM Zoom
03/17/2021 Wednesday 2:00 PM Zoom
03/18/2021 Thursday 12:00 PM Zoom
03/19/2021 Friday 10:00 AM Zoom

Note: If you are not able to make one of the training dates listed, please email the Cashier's Office (  You will need to let us know why your schedule conflicts with the training dates/times, and your availability. We are not able to do one-on-one trainings but we are trying to accommodate with scheduling alternate trainings.