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Dittmar Gallery

Dittmar is closed this Winter we invite you to visit the Block Museum!


Submission deadline extended to March 16!


Dittmar Gallery's Community Exhibit  “Renaissance Forged”

The Renaissance Forged:

The Renaissance Forged points us to look toward a new world, birthed from the labor of collectivist and individual struggle. With these works, our community’s artists will remind us of the experience of forging that new world in the fire of communal pain and loss, but so too, in the passion of new community bonds and of the act of creation itself (even in those dimmest times). Some artists may even share some of those very creations that provided them the courage to see that hope, to embrace that light.

This exhibit will prompt us all to question not only what a new Renaissance might look like but to more deeply investigate how we get there. 

The Community Exhibit will culminate with awards for select artists ranging from gift cards at the value of $100 - $25.


Criteria to submit

Submit here (Upload  1 - 2  Jpeg files of submitted work)

Submission Notification

Gallery Student Curator and staff will review submissions for approval. Artists will receive an email notification by Thursday, March 11


All COVID 19 safety procedures will be followed. More information will be in the acceptance email.

Virtual Opening Reception – Date TBD
Virtual Closing/ Announcement of Prizes -Date TBD
More information will be in the acceptance email.