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Dittmar Gallery

"You've Got Somewhere Else To Be"You've Got Somewhere Else To Be

Ambrin Ling
January 22nd- March 18th 
Reception: February 4th, 5 - 7 pm 
Through a range of approaches to drawing— including paint and graphite on large sheets of paper that unravel the seamless surfaces of Renaissance figure paintings and American landscape paintings; fragmented installations of text and images that become all-over, architectural comics— You’ve Got Somewhere Else to Be explores art as a mediator between individuals and their worldsDrawing, with its focus on touch, gesture, and traces, serves as the primary form of mediation and relationality. From traditional charcoal renderings to digitally altered images, the works in this show utilize drawing’s historical and contemporary, aesthetic and social, intimate, and alienating qualities in order to examine how their representations of subjectivity are premised on openness and fluidity rather than knowability and determinateness. You’ve Got Somewhere Else to Be locates art and drawing as sites of erasure, reinvention, and engagement that have acquired renewed significance amidst global pandemic and a complex network of related social upheavals that reveal how individual selfhood is shaped by and itself shapes larger perceptions of power, value, labor and being human in complex, interdependent, not-just-human environments.

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