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New Rental Procedure (Spring 2021): 

Students, Staff, and Faculty WITH VALID WILDCARD will now be able to rent outing supplies for a per/day rate for each item, with weekends now being open!

Touchless online payment with rental agreement completed at pickup

To Make an Online Request:

1) Fill out the rental agreement here (make sure to include the pick up date, and a time between 12:30-6 !) :

2) Make your order here: 

COVID-19 Responsibility: 

Norris Outdoors is working hard to make sure our space and rental supplies are clean and sanitary for your safety and enjoyment! As a renter, we would like to remind you to make safe decisions when enjoying the great outdoors and when choosing your activities, minding social distancing practices and safety protocols! 

For more pandemic safe fun, check out our link here for Staying Connected to the Outdoors !

Thank you for your patience!