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SOFO Officer Training

SOFO Authorized

It is required that treasurers and presidents be SOFO-authorized in order to begin transacting with SOFO.  

To become authorized, please follow the procedures below.

  1. View our Pre-Training Presentations below.
  2. Print and fill out the SOFO Quiz (PDF). All questions can be answered by reviewing the Pre-training presentations and our SOFO Policies and Procedures handbook (PDF).
  3. Select three training dates, in order of preference, and write the dates on your completed quiz. The training dates are posted below. Note: You only need to attend one session.
  4. Bring your quiz to SOFO and have it graded by an attendant.
  5. You will be given your live presentation date after your quiz is graded. Training dates are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Pre-Training Presentations

Make sure to review all three of the pre-training presentations before taking the SOFO Quiz. Officers and advisors should also use these presentations as resources throughout their tenure. 

  1. SOFO Info: People, Places, and Resources (PDF)
  2. SOFO Account Maintenance (PDF)
  3. SOFO Transactions (PDF)
  4. Cashier’s Office Training

Transaction & Account Action Checklist

The Transaction & Account Action Checklist (PDF) is a quick guide for officers and group members to use when completing and submitting transactions and account actions. This checklist should serve as officers' primary resource for SOFO policy and procedureOfficers should familiarize themselves with this checklist during their training process and refer to it throughout their tenure.

Training Dates Available

Fall Quarter 2021

Please note that SOFO training no longer includes debit card training from the Cashier's Office.  If your student organization has a debit card or is interested in applying for one, you will need to schedule a separate training session with the Cashier's Office.  They can be reached at (847) 491-8655, or by email at

All SOFO training sessions moving forward will be held in person.  Officers looking to transition into their position will need to complete the pre-training and quiz prior to contacting SOFO at to receive the meeting link. 

Fall 2021 SOFO Officer Training Schedule
Fall 2021 SOFO Officer Training Schedule
Date Day Time Trainor Room
September 17, 2021 Friday 10:00 am Margo Rock Room (207)

Note: If you are not able to make one of the training dates listed, please email the SOFO office (  You will need to let us know why your schedule conflicts with the training dates/times, and your availability. We are not able to do one-on-one trainings but we are trying to accommodate with scheduling alternate trainings.