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Tech Rates

We provide a variety of services and equipment for events. 

Recognized Student Groups and Northwestern Departments receive discounted rates for qualifying events.

Please see our policies to see if you qualify for a discounted rate.

Labor and Services

Student Groups




Sponsored and External
Equipment Delivery & Setup (if available) $37 $48 $74
Equipment Strike & Pickup (if available) $37 $48 $74
Dedicated Student Technician $21/hour $32/hour $53/hour
Dedicated Tech Specialist (Professional) $37/hour $48/hour $74/hour

*Tech Specialists are required for certain built in AV systems, and more complicated portable setups.

**Tech Specialists must be scheduled a minimum of 10 business days prior to your event.  If your event is in McCormick Auditorium, Louis Room, or Guild Lounge, these deadlines also apply to AV equipment requests.  Cancellations made less than 10 business days prior to your event will be subject to a fee.

***Norris Technical Services reserves the right to schedule staff as the needs of your event require.

Equipment Rental Estimates

Item Student Groups Departments Sponsored and External
Megaphone $21/day $32/day $53/day
Battery Powered Speaker $32/day $53/day $79/day
Large Powered Speaker $79/day $105/day $132/day
PA System (Medium) $105/day $163/day $210/day
Classroom Projector $79/day $105/day $210/day
Projection Screen (Portable) $16/day $21/day $27/day
Conference Phone (Portable) $27/day $53/day $110/day
*Prices listed are for budgeting purposes only, and are subject to change.  Peripheral items, such as microphones and cables, are priced a la carte.

Click here to submit an AV rental request

Sales Items

Item Student Groups Departments Sponsored and External
Gaffer's Tape $27/Roll $27/Roll $32/Roll
Electrical Tape $6/Roll $6/Roll $6/Roll
AA OR AAA Batteries $5/Pack of 4 $6/Pack of 4 $9/Pack of 4
9V Batteries $3/Each $4/Each $5/Each

*These items are provided as a convenience to our event clients.  Norris Technical Services is not intended to be a primary provider of these products.

**The items we provide are professional grade products, the same ones we use, and are priced as such.

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