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Reservations: Projects

Current Offerings

Submit this form to reserve space and/or kits for Rock Painting, Window Painting, and Banner Painting.  

Fees must be paid in-studio at Artica with credit, debit, or chartstring (for NU staff/faculty).

Rock Painting  

Rock Painting Kit Fee: $99 per group  

Rock Kits Include:  


*Please note: The Rock Painting Kit reservation through Artica is for materials only, not a reservation for your group to paint the Rock.   

Please click here to submit a time/date to paint The Rock via Norris Events.   

Window Painting  

Window Painting Kit Fee: $15 per group  

Window Kits Include:  


*Please note: If you are painting the windows of Norris' Ground Floor, you must first reserve the ground floor windows  

Banner Painting  

Banner Painting Fee: $25 per group  

Banner Painting Includes:  


Have paint and want to purchase a banner only?  
Banner only: $15   

We do not print banners; that service is on the Third Floor of Norris (SOURCE).   
Find out more about printing banners here.  

Project Questions? Email our staff at