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SOFO Account Application

New Group Account Application 

Student organizations wishing to apply for a SOFO account should follow the below procedure:

  1. Create a Wildcat Connection account.
  2. Download the SOFO application found under 'documents' on the SOFO Wildcat Connection page.  Make sure it is for the current fiscal year.
  3. Print and fill out all necessary information.
    • A person may only serve in one role.
    • Treasurer and president must be currently enrolled Northwestern University students.  They must be available on campus to provide service to their group and communicate with SOFO and administrators.
    • Advisors must be Northwestern employees.
    • The Advocate Authority's section must be complete.
  4. Scan and submit form on SOFO's Wildcat Connection page.

Applications will only be accepted via Wildcat Connection. If you have issues uploading the form, please contact us at (847) 491-2328.

MANDATORY Account Renewal Application (Postponed to Spring 2023) 

Every four years student groups are required to renew their account by reapplying, to ensure that all accounts in our database are actively using their funds. The process will be the same as applying for an account for the first time. 

All student groups (created before September, 1 2021) will need to submit a renewal application for their account starting in spring quarter 2023. Groups who have not submitted their renewal application by the end of fall 2023 will be FROZEN. *Kellogg groups are exempt from this process.

Student organizations re-applying for their SOFO account should follow the procedure below once the renewal application is available for download (expected at the start of spring 2023):

  1. Log into Wildcat Connection, search for the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) Wildcat  Connection page.
  2. Download the SOFO Renewal Account Application found on the SOFO Wildcat Connection page under 'Documents'.
  3. Print out form.
  4. Fill out all necessary information.
    • Obtain all the necessary signatures. (Treasurer, President, Advisor, Advocate Authority).
    • Your group's advocate authority may be the authority for many groups, so make sure you plan ahead and make an appointment.
  5. Scan and submit form on SOFO's Wildcat Connection page under 'Forms.'

Renewal applications will only be accepted via Wildcat Connection. If SOFO does not receive a renewal application, the groups account will be frozen beginning Winter Quarter 2024. If you have questions, please contact us at (847) 491-2328.