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Student Organizations & Sales


Transparency and detailed recordkeeping are essential when conducting any transactions with student organization patrons. The Norris Cashier’s Office works with SOFO to provide student organizations not only a reporting structure to keep track of transactions (e.g., paid admission, merchandise sales, etc.), but also provides very short term loans to SOFO groups in good standing. These loans (maximum term of 12 hours) are issued as starting funds to enable the processing of cash transactions on site at the event being sponsored by the student group.

Starting Funds

Because personal funds should never be mixed with those of the organization, student groups are required to use Norris Cashier’s Office starting funds for every event where monetary transactions are expected between the groups and their patrons. Starting funds are not to be used for purchases, expenses or refunds. With appropriate planning, there is no cost to request a starting fund. Charges do apply, however, if requests are submitted less than five business days before the fund is needed or if other requirements are not met by the student organization after receiving the fund.

Starting Fund Request Form

For your convenience, the Starting Fund Request Form (pdf) is now available online. Request forms will only be processed if completed and signed by the appropriate authorities—the student treasurer and the group’s NU staff advisor. Forms are only accepted in person at the Norris Cashier’s Office, Monday through Friday, during regular business hours. Requests that are mailed, e-mailed, or simply dropped off without an attendant’s review will be returned unprocessed to the student organization.

Please remember that recognized Northwestern University student organizations, with SOFO accounts, must follow best accounting practices and be in compliance with University/SOFO policies and procedures.

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