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Work at Norris

Norris is currently taking applications for the positions listed in the table below.

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Click here for Center Manager and Supervisor positions.


These postings are for current or incoming full-time undergraduate Northwestern students only. Any invalid applicants should not expect a response from supervisors.Work-Study eligibility is preferred but NOT required (unless noted in specific job listing).

How to Apply

  1. Read the position descriptions linked to position titles below to decide which one(s) interest you.
  2. Prepare your cover letter and resume, as Word, text, or PDF files.
  3. Complete the Norris Job Application.

University Career Advancement

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Norris Open Positions:

Work at Norris Positions
Position Title Position Description  (click on title link for
detailed description)
Contact Information
Production Assistant

Norris Production Assistant

The Norris Center Production Assistants (PA) are vital members of the Event Production team. They are responsible for the setup and teardown of equipment and A/V for all events in the Norris Center, serving a wide range of clients in the building.

Phillip Booker
Assistant Director for Special Events

Norris Outdoors Attendant

Norris Outdoors Attendant

An active team member who participates in the area's development, including promotion/advertising, renting equipment, equipment maintenance, and programming, the attendant creates a friendly, informative, customer-oriented atmosphere through interacting professionally with customers.

Debra Blade
Assistant Director
Norris Programs & Recreation

SOFO Financial Assistant


SOFO Financial Assistant

Duties include: providing front line customer service to student organization officers; offering preliminary screening of transaction requests and their supporting documentation; and the shepherding transactions to completion. Financial Assistants serve as informational resources—focusing on SOFO policies, procedures and best practices—for student leaders and their staff advisors. 

Frank Zambrano
Financial Administrator




Facilities Assistant

Facilities Assistant

Basic job duties include the following: hang pictures and other items, patch and paint walls, repair damaged casters on carts, cut lumber, acrylic sheets and plywood boards, maintain cleanliness of the Maintenance Shop, change burned-out light bulbs, replace damaged ceiling tiles, repair office furniture, repair carpet, assist with larger projects and other assigned duties.

Tom Szymanski
Facilities Manager


Game Room Attendant

Game Room Attendant

An active team member who participates with providing leisure for the university community. The
attendant is responsible for creating a fun and relaxed, customer oriented environment by maintaining
all recreational equipment and promoting game activities.

Debra Blade
Senior Program Coordinator
Dittmar Attendant

Dittmar Attendant

Under the direction of the Student Supervisor/Curators, the attendant provides support for the day-to-day operation of the
Gallery. The attendant is a vital part of working with artists and the general public.

Debra Blade
Senior Program Coordinator
Mini Courses Attendant

Mini Courses Attendant

The attendant will develop a wide knowledge of Mini Courses' classes in order to best serve potential students. Assists in the daily operation of Mini Courses by providing customer service, instructor support, and assisting with registration, promotion and social media maintenance.

Linda Luk
Norris Programs Manager
Event Planning Student Coordinator

Event Planning Student Coordinator

The Event Planning Student Coordinator reports directly to the Event Planning Manager. This position is responsible for assisting students, departments, and campus offices in planning, coordinating, and
executing successful events.

Dornette Ashley
Coordinator of Special Events