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Graduate Housing Application Procedure

Apply for Graduate Housing

To apply for a space in Graduate Housing, please select the link below and log in with your NetID and password.  Then select the appropriate link (Graduate Housing for Engelhart/Garrett Place Apartments or McManus Center for Kellogg students). Graduate housing applications are only available for full-time enrolled graduate students and post-doctoral candidates.    

Access the Graduate Housing Application.

If you have not yet received your University/Employee ID, you will not be able to access the application. Please contact your respective department for this information.

Watch our video to learn more about navigating the application process.

For current terms and condition holding residents of Engelhart Hall and Garrett Place Apartments requesting a transfer, please go to the aforementioned website and once you have logged in, please select the Graduate Housing Transfer Request Application from below the Graduate Students heading. For current terms and condition for residents of McManus Center or if you are requesting a transfer, please contact for assistance.

Rates for Graduate Housing


Engelhart Hall and Garrett Place units are available to all graduate students. McManus Center units are available to Kellogg graduate students only. Applicants must be accepted for admission to or currently enrolled in their respective schools before a housing application will be accepted.

Notification & Deposit


You will be notified of your graduate housing offer via e-mail. Please confirm the assignment by submitting your $300 housing pre-payment on Caesar. Here is a link with directions on how to make tuition and housing deposits. Please do not submit a housing pre-payment unless you are offered housing.


Students who have submitted their tuition deposit to our admissions office indicating their intent to enroll, and who have also submitted their McManus Center applications by May 1st, will be randomly assigned a lottery number. Apartment assignments will be made according to the lottery numbers. Students who submit their applications after May 1st will be assigned apartments on a first-come, first-served basis. If we are unable to accommodate all the requests, a waiting list will be established and assignments will be made from the waiting list throughout the summer.


Contract Information/Renewal

Housing contracts are written for either 9 or 12 months, with an option to renew for the summer and/or a second nine months corresponding with the academic calendar. Current residents are given an option to renew leases in April, before assignments are offered to new students. It is the resident's responsibility to file a request for Terms and Conditions renewal. Terms and Conditions can begin at any point during the year, but end on June 16th of each year. Contracts may be renewed for up to a 12-month period based on continued eligibility. A video tutorial outlining how to navigate the re-contracting process is available. 

Terms and Conditions Termination

Residents leaving the university are required to deliver written notification of their request to terminate their housing contract to the Housing Office. The request should be submitted through the Graduate Housing Cancellation Request form. For residents not leaving the university due to health or academic reasons, existing contracts may not be terminated before the termination date shown on the contract. No apartment shall be considered vacated until a resident has removed all possessions, surrendered the unit's keys and checked out at the main office.

Residency Limitations

Occupancy is limited to eight years (96 months) from the original date of your admission to your program.


All cancellations can be handled through this site.