Alumni Resources

Alumni have access to appointments within 6 months of graduation. 

In addition, along with the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA), we provide the following key career services for alumni:

  • Alumni have free access to Handshake, our online career platform, for life. We direct all of our employer contacts to post career opportunities in Handshake. Learn more about Handshake and request access.
  • All of events and programs, including career fairs, are open to the entire Northwestern community. 
  • For networking, NCA encourages all alumni to join (developed by the NAA) as well as LinkedIn.  Once on LinkedIn, alumni should join both the large Northwestern Alumni group as well as the smaller networking group created and managed by NCA.
  • The NAA has developed services and programs for the career development of alumni.  For a full list, see and click on Enhance your Career.
  • Many of the local and regional NAA clubs have list serves and networks that you would want to connect with.  If you follow the link above, you can click on find events, clubs, and groups.
  • For additional resources for alumni and community members that can provide you with career counseling services, please see our Alumni Resources Handout (PDF)