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Exchange Visitors

The process of requesting J-1 Exchange Visitor visa status begins with the host department. Once the NU department has submitted a complete J-1 request to the OISS, the OISS advisor will issue the Exchange Visitor (EV) a DS-2019, which is used to obtain his/her J-1 visa stamp at the U.S. embassy/consulate outside the U.S. 


Steps for the Host Department

1. Collect required documents

  • Send the Exchange Visitor DS-2019 Request to prospective Exchange Visitor (EV) for completion (electronic copies are acceptable). It must be returned to the host department along with associated documents .
  • Complete the DS-2019 Department Request Form and obtain required signatures.  NOTE: NIH Grant Chart Strings cannot be used to process extension J-1 Requests.
  • To ensure the requested DS-2019 is issued in a timely manner, please confirm the accuracy of your chartstring and ensure that funds are available before submitting the request to OISS. We will not be able to issue any documents until the chartstring has been charged and cleared through our accounting system.
  • Confirm English Language Proficiency and complete the English Proficiency Attestation
    Confirmation of English Language Proficiency  includes collecting the supporting documents; this step is not required for extensions.
  • Obtain an approved Visiting Scholar Health Insurance Application (VSHI) OR obtain a waiver of the Visiting Scholar Health Insurance, both through the Office of Risk Management.
  • Obtain official university position confirmation such as Research Staff Appointment form (research positions), Postdoctoral Research Appointment form (postdoctoral positions) or NU Offer Letter.
  • Obtain funding documentation (if not already included on official university position confirmation above). When submitting bank statements, institutional letters of support or bank letters please use the following guidelines:
    • Documents must have been issued within the last 3 months.
    • The EV must be named as account holder or recipient of the letter of support.
    • The account balance with currency or statement must specify that they have at least $2470 (not including dependents) of support per month. Scholar must show an additional $610 per month for each dependent (spouse or child) they will bring with them on a J-2 visa.
    • The letter must be in English or notarized English translation.
    • If the funding information is an institutional letter of support, the dates of coverage and total amount of support must be present,
  • If transferring from another U.S. institution to NU, please include the J-1 Transfer In Form.  If the EV is eligible for a J-1 transfer, the start date at NU must be the date after the current/previous DS-2019 ends, or earlier. There cannot be a gap in DS-2019 coverage.

2. Scan and email the documents to OISS

Placing pages 1-4 at the beginning, complete requests should be emailed as one PDF to

  • Email subject: "LAST NAME, Start Date" (e.g. WILDCAT, 04/01/2013)
  • File name: "DS2019Req_LAST NAME, First Name" (e.g. DS2019Req_WILDCAT, Willie)

The request will be forwarded to the appropriate advisor, who will be in contact with the Department and/or the EV with any questions or missing paperwork.

3. OISS issues the DS-2019

  • The Office of International Student and Scholar Services will issue form DS-2019, and send as a signed digital copy to both scholar and the department contact listed on the Department Request Form, via email.
  • Please notify scholar advisor immediately, if there are any inaccuracies, so we can amend as needed and re-issue the DS-2019.
  • The scholar should follow instructions on the outtake email with further steps to book their visa appointment at the nearest US Consulate abroad.