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E-3 (Australian National) Visas

The E-3 specialty occupation visa category is for Australian nationals (AN).

Visa summary:

  • Visa-holders are skilled workers with a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Visas can be held for an unlimited amount of time. The initial visa and extensions have 2-year increments.
  • The OISS only accepts E-3 requests from NU sponsoring departments, which must confirm sponsorship of an E-3 before an AN can apply.
  • Dependents of the E-3 beneficiary hold E-3 dependent visa status. 

Steps for the Host Department

There are several different types of E-3 visas, depending on whether the scholar is a new or current E-3 visa-holder.

Extending or amending an E-3

If the scholar is an E-3 beneficiary who needs to update their status in some way, they will fall into one of the following E-3 types:

  • E-3 COE (Change of Employer) are transferring to Northwestern from another institution.
  • E-3 EOS (Extension) would like to extend employment end-date
  • E-3 Amend hold an E-3 at Northwestern but need to change details such as job title, job description, salary, or hours worked.

View steps for the scholar on the Instructions for  E-3 beneficiaries page. 

Instructions for host departments

E-3 Dependents (Spouses and Children)

Dependents of the E-3 beneficiary hold E-3 dependent visa status. Visit theE3 Visas for Spouses and Children page for more information.