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O-1 Compliance and Travel

Maintaining O-1 Visa Status

Address Updates

If you change your residential address, please update this information with USCIS using form AR-11. Information can be found on the USCIS website.

For Incoming O-1 Applicants Outside the U.S.

Northwestern can file the petition to sponsor an O-1 employee up to 1 year before employment begins but the beneficiary may only enter the U.S. up to 10 days before the start date on his/her O-1 Approval Notice.

O-1 visa holders coming to NU from outside the U.S. need to check-in with the IO before starting employment at NU. To do so, please complete the H-1B/E-3/O-1 Beneficiary Check-In Form and bring your immigration documents including your passport for the IO to photocopy and keep on file.

For O-1 Visa-Holders Seeking Extension

It is important to maintain your O-1 status by applying for an O-1 extension in a timely manner. Please communicate with your current supervisor/department about your O-1 extension.

If you have dependents in the U.S. please remember to file Form I-539 form to extend their O-3 status.

Concurrent Employment

Multiple, or concurrent, O-1 employers are permitted, as long as each has an O-1 petition approved by USCIS.

Off-Campus Occasional Lectures

O-1 beneficiaries are eligible to be issued reimbursement for transportation and reasonable incidental expenses incurred while traveling to off-campus lectures but s/he is not approved to be paid a wage, salary or honorarium for these services. Please contact an OISS advisor for more information and for an approval letter.