On-Campus Options for Students

Information about Northwestern Housing for students is available on the Residential Services website. Undergraduate students are required to live in university housing for the first two years of their program.

Winter 2023 students 

The application for Winter quarter housing is now live on the NU housing portal accessed through the Residential Services website. There is a priority application deadline of 11/23/2023.

Undergraduate Housing - Residential services will open at noon on Sunday, January 1, 2023 to welcome undergraduate level students arriving for the Winter quarter 2023.

Graduate Housing - Graduate (masters and doctorate level) students arriving for Winter 2023 may move in to graduate housing on December 22, 2022. Graduate housing is open year-round, unlike the undergraduate residence halls that are closed over summer and holiday breaks. You are free to stay in the building for the duration of your housing terms and conditions. 

Off-Campus Housing

The university provides various resources to assist members of the Northwestern community in finding housing. The university also has resources for those seeking off-campus options, which is available Off Campus Life website.

Standard Procedures

When applying for an apartment, a landlord may require an application fee and a credit check (which may require a Social Security number or ITIN), as well as proof of income. In addition, when signing a lease, a landlord may also require a deposit (usually equivalent to one month's rent) in addition to the first rent payment on the first day of the lease term.

More Information on Housing