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Visiting Scholar Plan



Summary of Benefits

Summary of Benefits for the Visiting Scholar Plan
NU Health Service (Evanston Only) U.S. In-Network U.S. Out-of-Network

Individual Coverage: $7.26 per day
Family Coverage: $22.98 per day
Dependents are not eligible to use NU Health Services.

Calendar Year Deductible Per Individual $0 deductible $250 $250
Calendar Year Deductible Per Family $0 deductible $500 $500
Coinsurance (The percentage of coverage expenses the plan pays) $20 copay, then 0% of costs 80% (after deductible is met) 80% (after deductible is met)
Out-of-Pocket Maximum (Excludes Deductible) Per Individual Not applicable $1,000 $20,000
Out-of-Pocket Maximum (Excludes Deductible) Per Family Not applicable $2,000 $40,000


For additional information, please contact Diane Sims at 888-441-3719 or at