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Visa Compliance and Requirements

While visiting, the B-1 or W-B visitor must abide by the following restrictions:

Visit Length and Purpose

  • The visitor is limited to a stay of 90 days or less without extension for the purpose of consultation and/or observation.
  • The visitor cannot intend to obtain employment within the US, including a change of status to J-1 or H-1B.

Activities While at Northwestern University

  • The visitor cannot displace US workers and will not have a research appointment through Northwestern University.
  • The visitor cannot participate in or volunteer services/expertise toward any exercise essential to departmental operations.
  • The visitor must be in the presence of a supervisor when observing the use of lab equipment.
  • The visitor may not be involved in any patient contact or interact with any research subjects, either directly or indirectly.
  • The visitor cannot be paid for services, but may be reimbursed for travel expenses and/or given assistance with accommodations.

Financial Support and Affiliation

  • The visitor must have an institutional affiliation in his or her home country or country of residence.
  • The visitor must have adequate finances and sufficient health insurance to support himself/herself for the duration of stay.

The department must report any changes/violations related to the visitor’s stay to the IO.