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Initial E-3

The OISS only accepts E-3 requests from NU sponsoring departments, so any E-3 application should begin with the E-3 applicant speaking with his or her sponsoring department; once the department has confirmed its sponsorship, the Australian National (AN) can apply.

View instructions for incoming E-3 beneficiaries

Petitions can only be started 8 months prior to the employment start date. OISS processing times are subject to change based on processing volume.

Steps for Host Department

1. Collect required documents and submit them to the OISS.

In addition to the packet of documents submitted by the applicant (listed above), the host department is responsible for the following items:

2. The OISS and department handle the prevailing wage and Labor Condition Application requirements.

The following steps are required:

  • The OISS obtains the prevailing wage determination to ensure that the university's wage offer is adequate.
  • The OISS files a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor.
  • The OISS emails the LCA notice to the host department, which posts it at a conspicuous place for 10 business days. See posting notice instructions.
  • The department then returns LCA to OISS

3. The OISS prepares materials for the E-3's visa application

  • OISS prepares E-3 packet for the Australian National to take to US Embassy
  • OISS gives package to Department to send to E-3.