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Host Department Forms

The forms on this page are intended for Northwestern department administrators supporting perspective international scholar visitors.

H-1B Visa Forms

Detailed information on H-1B visas, requirements, and steps for the host department can be found on our H-1B visa resource page.


J-1 Visa Forms

Northwestern University is authorized to use the following types of J-1 exchange visitor (EV) categories: short term, researcher, professor, student intern. Please consult the following resources for additional guidance: J-1 Visa Types and consult  J-1 Visa Steps for Host Departments for detailed instructions depending on EV category.

Legal Permanent Resident (LPR)

B-1/WB Short Term Visitor Visa Forms

Review more information on our B-1/WB webpage.

E-3 (Australian National Visa) Forms

The E-3 specialty occupation visa category is for Australian nationals. See detailed information at E-3 Visas.

TN Visa Forms

TN visa status is for qualified citizens from Canada and Mexico to temporarily engage in professional business activities. Learn more at TN Visas