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packsuitcase-170.pngPacking lists are totally personal, but we have included some suggestions below. We recommend that you pack clothes that can be worn in layers: clothes of various weights in solid colors that can be mixed and matched. Also keep in mind that darker colors are easier to keep clean. Research cultural expectations and average temperatures in your host country to guide your packing choices.

Bring your passport (and copies of your passport), a copy of your GeoBlue insurance card, and a list of all of your local and emergency contact numbers and addresses. During the program, keep the originals and one copy safe in your suitcase and keep the other copy on you at all times.

Packing Tips

Specific packing lists and suggestions will be provided by your program. 


Suitcase with Luggage Tag

Carry-On Luggage (small suitcase OR a backpack OR tote bag)