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Protests in Hong Kong- Update


Social unrest in Hong Kong has continued into its 12th week. After a lull in action and more peaceful demonstrations in week eleven, violence returned this past weekend.  Going forward, it is reasonable to expect weekend protests to continue and that there will be some level of violence. Clashes with police are instigated by a minority of hardcore protesters, usually after the peaceful demonstrations begin to disperse. Threats are still highly localized to the demonstration areas, and life is continuing as normal in many parts of the city. University officials are reporting that schools will open on schedule and normal attendance policies will be imposed.

Protests in Hong Kong - Update


The unrest in Hong Kong continued into its tenth week this weekend, with both the geographic footprint and intensity of the demonstrations increasing. Protests have become more tactical and mobile. Police response has increased in intensity as well, with violent clashes breaking out over the weekend. The most notable incidents occurred when police chased demonstrators into subway stations, exposing bystanders to possible injury. Therefore, OGSS strongly recommends travelers to Hong Kong avoid using the subway, including the popular and convenient Airport Express. Travel by taxi or bus is preferred.

Airport demonstrations have been ongoing for the past four days and have caused mass travel disruption, including blanket cancelations of outgoing and incoming flights at certain points in time.

OGSS is monitoring the situation moment to moment and is in daily communication with our university partners on the ground as well as our security information provider. We will continue to update our outbound undergraduate exchange students over the next several days. We are also in communication with graduate program directors administering programs with planned travel to Hong Kong. As of 8/12/19, all programs are still going forward as scheduled.

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