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Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship disbursement is contingent upon participation in the specific Undergraduate Learning Abroad (ULA) program to which the student has applied. If a student withdraws or is dismissed from Northwestern Program or Northwestern Exchange, their award may be canceled. The student is responsible for any balance due resulting from this loss of funding. Refer to the withdrawal and refund policies for Northwestern programs for more information.

Scholarship recipients are expected to uphold exemplary standards of conduct, submit regular entries to the ULA blog during their study abroad program, and submit a reflective essay to ULA upon completion of his or her program. Recipients are also expected to participate in information sessions, orientation, and other events to assist ULA with program recruitment and to aid future program participants.

It is unlikely that students will receive multiple ULA scholarship awards. Students applying to two Northwestern Programs and/or Northwestern Exchanges will be considered for scholarships for both programs, but initial award amounts will be based on first choice program selection.