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Summer Aid & Scholarships

Current financial aid recipients may eligible for summer aid for Northwestern or affiliated summer study abroad programs. You may also be eligible to apply for scholarships from your program and/or outside organizations.

Students attending unaffiliated summer programs are not eligible to receive any form of summer assistance through Northwestern financial aid, including loans, but are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships.

Undergraduate Financial Aid

Northwestern financial aid eligibility is renewable for up to four years of enrollment, including summers. Summer aid, like aid during the year, is need-based. Program costs vary, but summer study abroad costs are much lower overall than the cost of a regular quarter at Northwestern. Because costs are lower, the total amount of aid for which you qualify will also be lower in the summer; some students who receive financial aid during the academic year are not eligible for need-based summer aid. Applying for summer aid does not mean that you will receive the same dollar amount of Northwestern Scholarship in the summer term.

You may also be eligible to borrow loans in the summer, which can be a good resource to help finance your costs, particularly if you do not receive summer financial aid or scholarships. Federal student loans are limited to your remaining eligibility for the current academic year. You are also encouraged to consider your budget before borrowing.

Visit the Undergraduate Financial Aid website for additional information and to apply for summer aid.

Outside Scholarships & Funding

There are many opportunities to apply for outside scholarships and funding to help cover the cost of your summer program. Summer scholarship deadlines tend to range from November to March, so start planning early!

Visit the outside scholarships & funding page for more information.


If you have any questions about your financial aid, loan eligibility, or budget for summer study abroad, contact the Financial Aid Office.