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First Generation

As a first generation student, you have the incredible opportunity to be the first in your family to ever study abroad while in college! As the first person in your family to be presented with such a unique experience, you likely have many questions; the Global Learning Office staff is here to help you get the process started.



Many third-party organizations offer additional support for students who identify as first-gen. We encourage you to explore these resources as you embark on your study abroad adventure.

  • Diversity Abroad (a leading international organization that supports diverse students in global experiences)
  • I'm First (an online community featuring student blogs and video stories)
  •  (an in-depth resource of study abroad tips for first-gen students)
  • IFSA Unpacked (blogs discussing study abroad experiences with diverse identities)
  • IES Abroad (blogs and stories from first-gen students studying abroad)
  • All Abroad (a resource for students and parents interested in study abroad)

Study Abroad Scholarships

Many scholarships are available for study abroad, and some are reserved specifically for first-generation college students. We've compiled a list of scholarships to help you get started.

Study Abroad Scholarships