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Extend Term

Some students, once abroad, decide to extend their program for the full academic year. If you would like to extend your program, you may be able to do so; however, you must receive Northwestern's approval by the following deadlines. Keep in mind that it typically takes 1-2 weeks to secure approval, so please plan accordingly.

Extend Your Stay Deadline
Fall program through winter/spring December 1*
Fall/winter program through spring March 1*

*Note that deadlines to extend through your program may be much earlier, so it's important to check with them as a first step. This is especially important if you are participating on an exchange program and/or are in a location where you will have to extend your student visa. 

Complete the Steps below to Request Approval

Step 1: Contact Your Program

Contact your program to determine if it is possible to extend your stay. Make sure you understand any required paperwork and applicable deadlines.

Step 2: Email Your GLO Adviser

Email your GLO adviser and explain why you would like to extend your term abroad. Be sure to mention which program you are studying with in your email. Your GLO adviser will give you a deadline to complete the following steps.

Step 3: Email the Manager of GLO Financial Services, for Billing and Financial Aid Information

Christine Charles, Assistant Director of GLO financial services to discuss how extending your term might affect your billing and aid package for the remainder of the year.

Step 4: Email your School Adviser for Approval

Email your School Adviser for approval and indicate:

  • Your interest in extending your term of study abroad
  • The courses you are currently taking and plan to take next term

They need to confirm that your study abroad plans will work well with your overall degree program. If your School Adviser approves, they must email your GLO adviser stating this approval. More information for your academic adviser(s) can be found in the Faculty/Advisers section.

Step 5: Review the University Registration Requirement (URR)

Review the URR policy to determine if/how your extension would affect your URR.

Step 6: Update Your GeoBlue Policy

Your GLO adviser will provide you with details regarding updating your GeoBlue Global Health Insurance policy, if applicable.

You will receive further instructions from your adviser after you have been approved to extend your stay.