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Bridge Builder

Pre-Departure Financial Support

Financial aid is typically available at the beginning of your study abroad term, but some costs related to study abroad can occur much earlier. Covering these up-front costs can present budgeting challenges, especially if you depend on financial aid to help with your expenses. In an effort to minimize the stress of pre-departure expenses, the Undergraduate Financial Aid and Global Learning Offices are pleased to offer the Bridge Builder program for students with high financial need.

Bridge Builder is designed to assist students who might not have funds immediately available to cover up-front study abroad costs before financial aid is available. Bridge Builder assistance is not in addition to your financial aid, but provides a way to use the aid you will already receive to either cover your pre-departure expenses when they occur or defer those costs to later.

"Bridge Builder made the process of booking a flight and handling other up-front travel expenses much smoother. As a student with high financial need, Bridge Builder alleviated my stress regarding financials for my first time traveling outside of the U.S."


  • You are enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate at Northwestern (not including SPS)
  • You have been approved for and accepted to a Northwestern program, Northwestern exchange program, or affiliated program
  • You have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $10,000 or less for the current academic year and receive need-based financial aid from Northwestern
    • You can find your EFC on your financial aid award letter in CAESAR > Financial Aid > View My Financial Aid > [Year] > Print Award Letter
    • EFC can be found on the top right, Expected Resources > Family Contribution


  • Bridge Builder is not available for unaffiliated programs.
  • If you will attend a program that arranges international travel for all participants, you are not eligible to book your flight through Bridge Builder, regardless of whether you are required or plan to participate on your program's flight. This currently includes the following programs:
    • Northwestern GESI (all locations)
    • Northwestern Semester in Qatar
    • Carleton Buddhist Studies in India
    • CASA Cuba
    • Moscow Arts Theater Semester
    • Boston University: If you will attend a BU program that includes airfare in the program fee, but you do not plan to participate on the BU group flight, you may use Bridge Builder to book your own flight. If you opt out of the group flight, your BU program fee should ultimately be reduced by that amount; however, if your flight credit is delayed for any reason, you could end up double-billed for airfare until your credit is issued. These charges would be your responsibility.
  • Flight and fare are subject to University travel policy/restrictions and approval.
Some eligible pre-departure expenses may require documentation.

You may only apply to Bridge Builder for one program per term (e.g., one fall quarter program). You cannot be granted flight-booking or scholarship support for two different programs during the same academic term.

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