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We are the first stop for undergraduates seeking a global learning experience

About the Global Learning Office 

The Global Learning Office (GLO) unites the former Office of Undergraduate Learning Abroad and the Global Engagement Studies Institute in a single team dedicated to meeting Northwestern students’ diverse global learning needs. Through GLO, Northwestern offers credit-bearing study abroad, exchange, research, and academic internship opportunities that prepare students for success in today’s interconnected world. And because global learning happens on campus as well as abroad, GLO is leading the effort to engage faculty, staff, and students in developing global learning objectives for Northwestern undergraduates and collaborative programs that will support their attainment.

This integration comes as part of the larger restructuring of all global offices under the Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs.

Study Abroad Data

700+Over 700 Northwestern students study abroad each academic year.

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Our Mission

The Global Learning Office serves as a comprehensive resource for international academic experiences for students at Northwestern. GLO offers a diverse range of programs abroad that challenge students to engage with difference, develop intellectually and emotionally, broaden their global perspectives, and expand their intercultural skills and understanding.

Our Values

We are committed to:

  • Positioning study abroad as a key experience of a Northwestern undergraduate education that supports the development of students’ global competence;
  • Promoting equity of access for all Northwestern undergraduates by removing barriers to study abroad through scholarships, inclusive advising, and collaboration with campus partners to reach underrepresented students;
  • Encouraging students to collaborate across difference and value multiple perspectives through ethical and responsible engagement abroad;
  • Fostering mutually beneficial, reciprocal outcomes in our international partnerships; and
  • Engaging Northwestern faculty and staff as partners in pursuit of our mission.

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