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Interviews are a required part of the application process for all exchanges and some Northwestern programs. Some affiliated programs also require interviews. Refer to your program brochure for interview requirement information for your chosen program(s).

Prepare for the Interview

It is expected that you have carefully reviewed the program's website and resources in detail prior to the interview, since this meeting will focus on your interest in a particular program, as well as specific questions you have about this program or study abroad at Northwestern.

For the interview, please be prepared to:

  • Discuss your specific motivations for study abroad and reasons for selecting this program
  • Explain how the program and coursework aligns with your personal, academic, and/or professional interests
  • Ask informed follow-up questions about program details that you have reviewed on the program website
  • Verify your language ability, if applicable to your program

Review Interview Requirements

Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI)

All GESI applicants must complete an interview before February 10. Applicants to Spanish speaking locations will complete part of the interivew in Spanish to verify the ability to hold a conversation in Spanish. 

Before your interview takes place, you must either attend an in person GESI info session or watch the recorded info session.

Schedule an interview with a GESI adviser

Global Healthcare Technologies

Schedule an interview with Co-Faculty Director Matthew Glucksberg

Learn more about Global Healthcare Technologies interview requirements


Schedule an interview with the GLO adviser for your exchange program.

If you are applying to exchange programs in France, you are also required to complete a language placement interview if you intend to take content (non-language) courses in French:

  • If you have taken French classes at Northwestern and intend to take content (non-language) classes abroad in French: Ask the professor with whom you took your last French class to fill out the language evaluation, found in the application. Your professor may ask you to come to office hours for an interview.
  • If you have not taken French classes at Northwestern and intend to take content (non-language) classes abroad in French: Take the online placement test and indicate that you are taking the test because you are applying to an exchange program in France. Once you have completed the online test, schedule an appointment to interview with Dominique Licops.
  • If you intend to take all content (non-language) classes in English, you do not need to complete a French language placement interview. You must still schedule an interview with a GLO adviser.

Visit your program page to learn more about exchange interview requirements.

French Field Studies

Schedule an interview with GLO Adviser Ryan Rounds to learn more about the program, articulate how your program choice aligns with your personal and academic interests, and ask questions.

Learn more about French Field Studies interview requirements

Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP)

You must complete an interview in Italian with a professor from the Department of French and Italian prior to the application deadline. Contact GLO Adviser Catrina DeBord for information about scheduling the interview.

Learn more about BCSP interview requirements