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Choosing Courses

Before you choose or change your study abroad courses, review information and requirements regarding course selection.

Enrollment Requirements

When selecting courses to take abroad, you must:

Courses Eligible for Transfer

A course taken abroad is eligible for credit transfer as long as:

Non-Transferable Courses

You will not receive credit at Northwestern for the following types of courses, which are deemed non-transferable:

Taking non-transferable courses may cause you to drop below minimum full-time enrollment at Northwestern (the equivalent of 3 units at Northwestern), which could prevent you from meeting the Undergraduate Registration Requirement (URR) or maintaining satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility. Only consider taking a non-transferable course if you can manage this course in addition to the full-time course load for your program.

Preliminary Course Plan

All students will be expected to research course options when selecting a program abroad, and will discuss their preliminary course plan with the academic adviser(s) as part of the Northwestern study abroad application process.

Changing Courses While Abroad

While abroad, you may decide to register for different courses than those you reviewed with advisers before departure. Before registering for an unanticipated course:

Earning Credit for Study Abroad Courses

If you follow these general guidelines, you can expect to receive credit for the courses you take abroad. For more information and reminders: