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GLO Liaisons

As part of our ongoing efforts to engage with Northwestern offices and departments across campus, GLO has established liaison roles. Each GLO liaison is tasked with staying up-to-date on programs and initiatives within their assigned department, serving as a primary point of contact for answering questions and/or discussing objectives and needs with that department, and sharing information about the support that GLO can offer.

Please contact your GLO liaison at any time!

GLO Liaisons
School / Department / Program
GLO Liaison
Bienen School of Music Jacob Schoofs Aline Vivirito-Valais
McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science Sara McGuinn
Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications Jessica Fetridge
School of Communication Norvell Watts
School of Education and Social Policy Jessica Fetridge
Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences
     Weinberg College Advisers Jessica Fetridge
     African American Studies Sara McGuinn
     African Studies Sara McGuinn
     American Studies Patrick Eccles
     Anthropology Miranda Goosby
     Art History Aline Vivirito-Valais
     Art Theory and Practice Aline Vivirito-Valais
     Asian American Studies Norvell Watts
     Asian Languages and Cultures Norvell Watts
     Asian Studies Norvell Watts
     Biological Sciences Kevin Tribe
     Brady Scholars Program in Ethics and Civic Life Jessica Fetridge
     Business Institutions Kevin Tribe
     Chemistry Miranda Goosby
     Chicago Field Studies Catrina DeBord
     Classics Catrina Debord
     Cognitive Science Jacob Schoofs
     Comparative Literary Studies Ryan Rounds
     Computer Science Sara McGuinn & Kevin Tribe
     Critical Theory Ryan Rounds
     Earth and Planetary Sciences Carmen Hernández 
     Economics Kevin Tribe
     English Kevin Tribe
     Environmental Policy and Culture Carmen Hernández
     Environmental Sciences Carmen Hernández
     French & Italian (French) Ryan Rounds
     French & Italian (Italian) Aline Vivirito-Valais
     Gender and Sexuality Studies Miranda Goosby
     Geography Catrina DeBord
     German Jacob Schoofs
     Global Health Studies Catrina DeBord
     History Aline Vivirito-Valais
     Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern Jacob Schoofs
     Integrated Science Program Sara McGuinn
     International Studies Patrick Eccles
     Jewish Studies Aline Vivirito-Valais
     Latina and Latino Studies Carmen Hernández
     Latin American & Caribbean Studies Carmen Hernández
     Legal Studies Aline Vivirito-Valais
     Linguistics Jacob Schoofs 
     Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences Kevin Tribe
     Mathematics Kevin Tribe
     Middle East & North African Languages Aline Vivirito-Valais
     Middle East & North African Studies Aline Vivirito-Valais
     Neuroscience Jacob Schoofs
     Philosophy Ryan Rounds
     Physics and Astronomy Sara McGuinn
     Political Science Ryan Rounds
     Psychology Jacob Schoofs
     Religious Studies Patrick Eccles
     Science in Human Culture Jacob Schoofs
     Slavic Languages & Literatures Norvell Watts Jessica Fetridge
     Sociology Norvell Watts 
     Spanish & Portuguese Carmen Hernández
     Statistics Kevin Tribe