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Summer Billing

Your summer study abroad charges will be invoiced through CAESAR on May 10th; payment will be due June 1st.

Northwestern Summer Programs

Northwestern will bill you for your study abroad program fee through CAESAR. Your summer invoice will contain a charge for the regular Northwestern summer tuition amount ($4,353 per credit unit), along with a study abroad differential, increasing or decreasing your charges to make your invoice equal to your program fee.

For example:

  • If your program registers you for two credits, your invoice will display a tuition charge of $8,706 ($4,353 x 2). If your program actually costs $10,000, your invoice will also include a differential charge of $1,294, increasing your total charges to the program fee.
  • If your program registers you for three credits, your invoice will display a tuition charge of $13,059 ($4,353 x 3). If the program fee is $8,000, your invoice will also contain a differential credit of $5,059, reducing your total charges to the cost of the program.

If applicable to your program, the Study Abroad Administrative Fee (SAAF) for summer 2018 is $900.

Program Billing Notes

  • IES Abroad Arles: Northwestern will only invoice you for the program's tuition and the SAAF ($900). You will receive a separate invoice from IES Abroad for additional charges, such as housing and insurance.

Summer Financial Aid

  • If you were awarded a scholarship from your Northwestern program office, it will be reflected on your invoice in CAESAR.
  • If you plan to apply for other summer financial aid and/or loans, your summer aid application should be submitted no later than May 1st.
  • Make sure to accept your summer aid/loans and complete all loan application requirements before you leave for your program.
  • If you will have excess funds from your financial aid or loans, you may be eligible for a financial aid refund, which you can use toward your other study abroad expenses. You may request your financial aid refund as early as the first day of the Northwestern summer term, or slightly earlier (June 15th) by submitting the Study Abroad Release of Funds form.

Unaffiliated Summer Programs

Northwestern will only bill you for the SAAF. This charge will appear on your May 10th invoice, and payment will be due on June 1st. Your study abroad program sponsor will bill you directly for all other program fees. Students who apply/confirm late will be billed on June 10th; payment will be due July 1st.

No financial aid or loans are available in the summer for participation on unaffiliated summer programs.

Payment Methods

You may pay your summer invoice through the regular ePay service, or via check or money order. Visit the Student Financial Services site for details.

The Northwestern 9PAY plan is not available for summer charges.