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University Study Abroad Committee

The University Study Abroad Committee (USAC) is subcommittee of the Global Council charged by the Provost with responsibility for reviewing and approving the academic, cultural, linguistic, logistical, and administrative components of each proposal for a new undergraduate study abroad program. USAC ensures that all approved undergraduate study programs are consistent with Northwestern's educational goals, values, and academic standards, and that all programs have been reviewed and approved by the relevant academic and administrative units of the University, including appropriate curricular oversight from the relevant department or school and the Office of the Registrar. The committee is also charged with establishing policies relating to undergraduate study abroad.

USAC Membership

USAC is comprised of 9 members selected from all six undergraduate schools, who serve one or two 3-year terms. The committee meets six times each academic year. Current members are:

  • Sarah Bartolome, USAC Chair and Global Council Liaison, Bienen (2016-2024)
  • Ordel Brown, McCormick (2021-2023)
  • Drew Davies, USAC Chair and Global Council Liaison, Bienen (2019-2022)
  • Yumi Shiojima, WCAS (2021-2024)
  • Craig Duff, Medill (2016-2022)
  • Gary Galbreath, WCAS (2009-2022)
  • Yang Qu, SESP (2018-2022)
  • Mark Witte, WCAS (2015-2022)
  • Leslie DeChurch, SOC (2021-2024)

USAC also includes non-voting, ex officio representatives of the Provost's Office, the Global Learning Office, the Office of International Student and Scholar Services, the Office of International Relations, the Office of Global Safety and Security, and the Buffett Institute.

Submitting a Proposal to USAC

Northwestern administrative units who wish to introduce a new program or policy may contact the chair to request agenda time to discuss their idea during an upcoming USAC meeting. Proposals for new programs or policies may be introduced, with the permission of the chair, at any of the six USAC meetings during the academic year. Proposals must follow approved guidelines. Generally, two and sometimes three USAC meetings are required for discussion before a formal vote is taken.

At least one month prior to submitting a program proposal, please notify the Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS) of your intent by email. Depending on security concerns associated with the site, OGSS may recommend review by the International Travel Risk Assessment Committee prior to a USAC vote.

For additional information about submission of items for USAC consideration, or to discuss a program or policy idea, please contact the chair or the director of the Global Learning Office.