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Journalism Residency Programs Abroad

Open to Medill students only, the Journalism Residency (JR) program abroad is a quarter-long academic experience within a media workplace, which is a component of the BSJ degree. Medill and GLO partner to offer a JR experience in Argentina in partnership with a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, media companies, and/or public relations firms.

Why choose a JR program abroad?

These experiences require a great degree of maturity, independence, and journalism experience. Students must adapt to the demands of their workplace and navigate a different language, culture, and media landscape, while learning about current issues and topics in their host country. Consult with your advisers in Medill to determine whether a Journalism Residency program abroad would be a good fit for you.

Cultural Expectations

Students completing their Journalism Residency abroad will need to adapt to the cultures of their workplace and their host city/country. Make use of your work colleagues, your site supervisor, and your local minder – as well as your resources back at Northwestern – to help you navigate these cultural differences.