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Ambassador Program

The Global Learning Office (GLO) ambassador program recognizes the contribution of alumni to GLO and helps build a community among study abroad returnees. Ambassadors serve as official volunteer representatives of the GLO office and advocate for study abroad within the Northwestern undergraduate community.

In addition to the unpaid ambassador position, GLO offers paid leadership positions to study abroad alumni who are passionate advocates for study abroad within the Northwestern undergraduate community. GLO fellows will focus on specific initiatives, while also assisting with the leadership of the ambassador program.



Additional Opportunities

We encourage, but do not require, ambassadors to become involved in the following ways:


All ambassadors will be grouped by program type as well as region. Additionally, GLO seeks ambassadors who can speak directly to their academic and extracurricular backgrounds and/or their personal identity and diversity as this is very helpful for other students. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to self-identify their specialties in their application.