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Term Extensions

Northwestern encourages students to study abroad for the full year, but some students do not consider this option until they are already abroad. If a student would like to extend their stay beyond their initial term abroad, this may be possible, as long as the program allows it and the student's academic adviser(s) are supportive. Students must consult with their GLO and academic advisers and obtain approval to extend their study abroad program by the following deadlines:

Steps for Students

Students must complete various steps to be able to extend their term abroad. If students inquire about the possibility of extending a study abroad term, please refer them to our extending your term abroad page.

Major/Minor Advisers

Before they make the decision to extend their term abroad, it is important that students understand the implications of their additional time abroad on completion of their degree. Students are expected to consult academic advising resources and contact you with questions. Please re-consider the following:

School Advisers

All students need to obtain support from their School Adviser before GLO will approve a term extension. Taking into account the general education requirements of your school and the overall performance of the student to date, please re-consider:

Support means: I believe that this student's plan to extend the term abroad will be acceptable to my school in partial fulfillment of the student's academic program at Northwestern. His/her study abroad plans make good academic sense considering his/her overall plan of study at Northwestern.