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Grades and Transcripts

Direct Credit

For study abroad programs offering direct credit for Northwestern (-SA) courses:

Transfer Credit

For study abroad programs offering transfer credit:

Graduate Schools and GPAs

While grades from some coursework completed abroad do not affect the Northwestern GPA, it is important to remember that graduate schools (including medical, business, and law schools) generally instruct applicants to provide study abroad transcripts and then recalculate GPAs so that they include study abroad grades.

Study Abroad Transcripts

Contact your study abroad program or host institution for an official copy of your study abroad transcript. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the Northwestern University Office of the Registrar cannot release or issue one.

We recommend that you request multiple official transcripts for future use from your study abroad program soon after completing the program. Unofficial copies of study abroad transcripts from Summer 2018 on are saved to the Northwestern Study Abroad Application. Click “View Full Application” under the "My Application" tab and choose "Application Status & Requirements,” the second to last option from the list on the left. Unofficial copies are saved under “Student Document(s)” at the bottom of the page.    

Please note: If you log into the Northwestern Study Abroad Application and receive an error message asking you to complete registration information, a required field is blank. Review the "My Profile" section including Demographic and Passport Information. You can access your application after completing and saving your changes.

To request unofficial copies of transcripts from study abroad programs prior to Summer 2018, email Laura Barron at