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Application Frequently Asked Questions

In the GLObal Gateway, how do I switch my program choice?

If you have started or submitted an application to a program and would like to switch to a different program, email the GLO adviser for the program and they will be able to do it for you.

What time are applications due?

Applications are due by 11:59 PM CST on the date listed.

How to I request School Adviser Approval for my study abroad application?

  1. Raise your Hand for Study Abroad Approval in ConnectNU to alert your School Adviser of your intention to study abroad. 
  2. Schedule a meeting in ConnectNU with your School Adviser.
  3. Meet with your School Adviser to discuss your study abroad course plans, policies for earning distribution/foundational discipline, theme, and major and/or minor credit, possible course substitutions, and remaining degree requirements.

My School Adviser hasn't submitted their approval yet. What do I do?

You are required to meet with your School Adviser as part of the application process. If you have already met with them and they haven't yet submitted their approval in ConnectNU, follow up with your School Adviser.

You will not be able to submit your application without confirmation of their approval. If the deadline is approaching, you should continue to follow up with your School Adviser and also proactively request an extension from the GLO adviser who manages your program. Note: When asking for an extension from your GLO adviser, please mention which program you are applying to in the email.

My affiliated program application requires adviser approval. I thought I already got School Adviser approval as part of the Northwestern study abroad application?

Affiliated program applications often require home school adviser approval, which will be provided by your GLO adviser after reviewing and approving your GLO application. You should not request this approval from your academic adviser. 

In most cases, your GLO adviser will automatically complete this electronically shortly after you have begun your program application, and your Northwestern application is approved. You will not need to request approval from your GLO adviser, nor should you contact your academic adviser(s) to supply this.

How do I know if the program I am applying to requires an interview?

If your program requires an interview, it will be clearly indicated on your program brochure,  both in the Quick Facts box at the top and in the Next Steps section near the bottom. 

It will also be a requirement in your program application. 


I am applying to a program that requires an interview. How do I set that up?

The answer depends on the type of program for which you are applying. 

If you are applying to GESI or an exchange program that requires an interview, you must schedule the interview with the appropriate GLO adviser via ConnectNU

If you are applying to an affiliated program that requires an interview, the program will contact you directly through email to have you set up your interview.

There are no interview appointments available before the deadline. What do I do?

Complete the rest of your application and submit by the deadline. Schedule the first available interview appointment, even it occurs after the deadline.

How do I prepare for an interview?

Please review the interview requirements page

If I am a dual degree or BS/MS student, do I need to submit two Northwestern study abroad applications?

No, you only need to submit one Northwestern study abroad application

I am a dual degree student or a student transferring between schools. Do both school advisers need to provide approval on my application?

Yes, if you are a dual degree student or a student transferring between schools, then you must obtain signatures from both School Advisers. You will not be able to submit your application without both signatures.

I’m having technical issues with my GLObal Gateway. What should I do?

If you have issues with the GLObal Gateway, contact GLO at or the GLO adviser for your program.

Advising Questions

Does the Global Learning Office have walk-in appointments?

No, you must schedule an appointment through ConnectNU in order to be seen by a GLO adviser. If the matter is urgent, send an email to the GLO adviser for your program.

If you have general questions about study abroad, attend a Study Abroad 101

How competitive is my program?

A program’s competitiveness will be indicated in the program brochure and in the application itself, and can vary widely year to year, depending on the number and strength of applicants. For programs marked competitive, you are encouraged to indicate a backup in your application. Learn more about the application review process.

My GPA is lower than the recommended GPA listed on the website. Can I still do the program?

Maybe. Certain programs will allow students to apply even if their GPA is lower than the recommended GPA on the program's website. Please contact the GLO adviser for the program in which you are interested.

How does transfer credit work? What actually shows up on my Northwestern transcript?

Please review the grades and transcripts webpage. If you still have questions, please email the GLO adviser for the program in which you are interested.

What credits can I transfer from this program for my major?

One of the reasons you are required to meet with your School Adviser as part of the application process is to encourage you to have conversations about how credit from study abroad might transfer back for major, minor, or distro credit. We recommend speaking with your academic advisers about major, minor, or distro credit prior to going abroad to guide you in course selection while abroad. You can also learn more in the Academic Advising Guide.

What if I want to do a program that isn’t on the website?

It is possible to do an unaffiliated program, but certain restrictions may apply. Review our webpages for Unaffiliated Academic Year programs and Unaffiliated Summer programs to learn more about finances, approvals, and finding a program.