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Bids by Departments/Schools

Departments and schools can perform a competitive bid.

The following standard documents have been developed by Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) to assist departments/schools with the bid process:

PPS can also provide training and advice to departments/schools about how to appropriately conduct and manage the process of requesting quotes. Departments/schools are strongly encouraged to include PPS in the bidding process for significant purchases or when a strategic relationship needs to be established with a vendor for a particular product or service.

PPS reserves the right to request and review any document related to a particular purchase decision.

Choosing a Vendor

The best way to determine which vendor a particular department or school should do business with is to make that decision based on a competitive solicitation among potential suppliers.

It is a good business practice to make award decisions based on a best-value evaluation. To do this, the department/school should consider a variety of factors in addition to price, such as delivery capabilities, quality, past performance, training, reporting capabilities, compliance with specifications/requirements, financial stability, etc. The award should be made to the responsive and responsible bidder that offers the best combination of all of these factors.

Please note that if the vendor selected is requesting that the department or school sign something, it MUST be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel (OGC). Once it is reviewed and approved, it will be forwarded to the appropriate officer of the University for signature. Learn more about Signature Authority.

Purchasing Decision Documentation Quick-Tips

In order to successfully complete and submit the Purchasing Decision Documentation, make sure to have knowledge of the following information:

For further assistance in completing the form, view the Purchasing Decision Documentation job-aid.

Access the Purchasing Decision Documentation form (URL).