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Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards

Northwestern University has implemented the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards for purchases on sponsored programs, which will be applied to all sponsored programs, including cost share.  This is in accordance with government regulations 2 CFR 200.317-326.

The primary goals of these procurement standards are to increase reuse of existing equipment and supplies, increase competition when purchasing equipment and supplies, and to minimize sole sources.

To assist departments with the transition to the new standards, please note the following:

To learn more about Uniform Guidance and to review additional resources, visit Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Program (ASRSP) – Uniform Guidance.

Bid Request

Departments/schools must engage Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) when using sponsored funds for purchases of $250,000 or more.  The bid process must be conducted by Procurement and Payment Services to be compliant with the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards.

To request assistance with your bid, please complete the Bid Request Form and submit to   Once your form is received, you will be contacted by someone from PPS confirming receipt of your request.   The bidding process could take up to 30 calendar days from receipt of your request unless there are any additional details that need to be confirmed prior to the bid being published.  The bid process will be facilitated as follows: 

Please note, Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards require a Sealed Bid or Competitive Proposal for purchases of $250,000 or more.  In very specific situations, your purchase may be considered an approved Sole Source Purchase.  You can learn more about each by reviewing the Uniform Guidance Procurement Guide.

After the bid has been awarded, the department/school will create a requisition and attach the awarded vendor’s quote, as well as either a Bid Documentation Form or Sole Source Justification Form, and NUFinancials will route it for approval.  When sponsored funds are being used, attach all quotes to the requisition, as well as either a Bid Documentation Form or Sole Source Justification Form. Requisitions will be routed through departmental approval and if not a Grant Subcontract, PPS will be the final approver.

Purchasing Decision Documentation Quick-Tips

In order to successfully complete and submit the Purchasing Decision Documentation, make sure to have knowledge of the following information:

For further assistance in completing the form, view the Purchasing Decision Documentation job-aid.

Access the Purchasing Decision Documentation form (URL).


If you have additional questions, please contact Procurement at or 847.491.8120