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ARTica Studios

ARTica Studios is here to serve you!

What is ARTica Studios? ARTica is a resource available to Northwestern students and other community members offering different crafts projects, creative group events, and arts classes. The ARTican mission is provide a space for students and community members to get creative and unwind at a low cost. The ARTica space is designed to foster a spirit of community and learning. Learn more about us and what we offer below!

Operating Hours

Spring Quarter Hours
Summer Quarter Hours
Learn more about what you can create at ARTica:
Pay in-store at ARTica with credit, debit, or Chartstring (for student organizations). Select projects available as DIY To-Go and available for purchase online.
Banner and Paints $22
Banner $15
Window Paints $15
Paint by Norris (Canvas, Brushes, Paint) $10
Small Project Painting $3
Washable Tempera $3
Strings and Grommets $3
Canvas Paint Projects $8-$20
Rock Painting $95
Quarterly Ceramics Membership $165 NU/ $175 Non-NU
Clay Body (White or Brown Stoneware) $2/lb, $15/12.5lbs, $30/25lbs
Speciality Clay Body (Dark Brown, Speckled Brown, Porcelain) $3/lb, $20/12.5 lbs, $40/25lbs
In-House Reclaim $1/lb, $
Bisque Projects (Includes bisque, glazes, and firing) $5 - $20
Bisque Group Projects (7 or more) $25 set-up fee + cost of items
Paper Crafts
Cardstock $0.10 / sheet
Construction Paper $0.25 / sheet
Craft Paper $0.50 / foot
Poster Board $1.25 / sheet
DIY Services
Button Making $1 each or 3 for $2

Hot: $2/foot 

Cold: $1/foot

Binding $1 any size
Die Cut Lettering FREE in-studio use
Paper Cutter FREE in-studio use
Markers, Crayons FREE in-studio use
Tape, Glue & Scissors FREE in-studio use
Dark Room Photography
1-Day Project Membership $20 NU / $35 Non-NU
In-Studio Sewing Machine Rental $5
Out-of-Studio Rental  (Sewing Skills Required) $15
Group Projects
Studio Group Usage $25 / day
Join the ARTica Team!
  • ARTica attendants gain professional experience, leadership skills, and knowledge about art.
  • Applications are closed for the quarter.
  • Gabe Abbott
  • Kendall Fahnoe
  • Yi Gao
  • Izzy Gonzalez
  • Tara King
  • Melody Macharia
  • Matthias Neumann
  • Djamila Oumarou
  • Alison Park
  • Austin Porras
Ceramics Studio
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ARTica's goal is to provide great service while keeping you safe.
  • ARTica Studios follows all State and University Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Masks are optional and not required in the studio space regardless of vaccination status.
  • Please wash/sanitize hands prior to receiving supplies for activities.
  • Social distancing is mandatory