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ARTica Studios

ARTica Studios is here to serve you!

What is ARTica Studios? ARTica is a resource available to Northwestern students and other community members offering different crafts projects, creative group events, and arts classes. The ARTican mission is provide a space for students and community members to get creative and unwind at a low cost. The ARTica space is designed to foster a spirit of community and learning. Learn more about us and what we offer below!

Operating Hours

Winter Quarter Hours






Learn more about what you can create at ARTica:
Pay in-store at ARTica with credit, debit, or Chartstring (for student organizations). Select projects available as DIY To-Go and available for purchase online.
Banner and Paints $22
Banner $15
Window Paints $15
Paint by Norris (Canvas, Brushes, Paint) $10
Small Project Painting $5
Strings and Grommets $5
Canvas Paint Projects $9-$20
Rock Painting $99
Quarterly Ceramics Membership $175 NU/ $185 Non-NU
Clay Body (White or Brown Stoneware) $2/lb, $15/12.5lbs, $30/25lbs
Speciality Clay Body (Dark Brown, Speckled Brown, Porcelain) $3/lb, $20/12.5 lbs, $40/25lbs
In-House Reclaim $1/lb
Bisque Projects (Includes bisque, glazes, and firing) $5 - $15
Bisque Group Projects (7 or more) $25 set-up fee + cost of items
Paper Crafts
Cardstock $0.10 / sheet
Construction Paper $0.25 / sheet
Craft Paper $0.50 / foot
Poster Board $1.50 / sheet
DIY Services
Button Making $1 each or 3 for $2

Hot: $2/foot 

Cold: $1/foot

Binding $1 any size
Die Cut Lettering FREE in-studio use
Paper Cutter FREE in-studio use
Markers, Crayons FREE in-studio use
Tape, Glue & Scissors FREE in-studio use
Dark Room Photography
1-Day Project Membership $25 NU / $35 Non-NU
In-Studio Sewing Machine Rental $5
Out-of-Studio Rental  (Sewing Skills Required) $15
Group Projects
Studio Group Usage $25 / day
Join the ARTica Team!
  • ARTica attendants gain professional experience, leadership skills, and knowledge about art.
  • Our applications are currently closed for the year.
  • Charlotte Admokom
  • Maria Avina
  • Kendall Fahnoe
  • Alena Haney
  • Izzy Gonzalez
  • Wylde Laden
  • Victor Lujan
  • Melody Macharia
  • Matthias Neumann
  • Mariana Obeso
  • Ashley Qiu
Ceramics Studio
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ARTica's goal is to provide great service while keeping you safe.
  • ARTica Studios follows all State and University Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Masks are optional and not required in the studio space regardless of vaccination status.
  • Please wash/sanitize hands prior to receiving supplies for activities.
  • Social distancing is mandatory