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Maryam Zlitni

Assistant Resident Director | Northeast Area

Assistant Resident Director | Northeast Area



  • 2303 Sheridan
  • 2307 Sheridan
  • 2313 Sheridan
  • Ayers
  • Lindgren
  • Sargent
  • Slivka

Maryam was a Resident Assistant at Kansas State University for three years, working in both community-style and apartments. Maryam also served as a College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador. Maryam recently received a B.A. in Psychology and will be working toward a MA in Counseling while at Northwestern. Maryam will serve as the ARD for 2303 Sheridan, 2307 Sheridan, 2335 Sheridan, Ayers, Lindgren, Sargent, and Slivka.