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While on OPT & STEM OPT

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) requires schools to maintain certain information in SEVIS for all students currently on approved OPT (Optional Practical Training). As an F-1 student on OPT or STEM OPT, you continue to be under Northwestern University's sponsorship. As such, OISS continues to maintain your SEVIS record so that you remain in valid visa status.

Select the correct box below that describes your status (OPT or STEM OPT) to find information on the following topics and more:

  • Employment and unemployment
  • Rules and reporting requirements
  • Travel while on OPT/STEM OPT
  • Practical matters while on OPT/STEM OPT
  • Accessing the SEVP portal and the OISS portal

Applying for OPT or STEM OPT?

If you are looking for information on applying for OPT or STEM OPT, please see Apply for OPT or Apply for STEM OPT.