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Future Fellowships

Your study abroad experience could help you pursue fellowships later in your academic career. The Office of Fellowships offers application resources and information on hundreds of fellowships, some of which are for juniors and many are for seniors and recent alums. Don’t miss competition deadlines because you are not on campus. Some fellowships even fund Global Learning Office (GLO).

Before You Leave

  • Meet with a staff member in the Office of Fellowships to review options for grants to support your study abroad and grants for when you return. The Office of Fellowships website provides links to national fellowship databases, and includes more targeted lists of fellowships for undergraduate study and undergraduate research.
  • Note fellowship deadlines. Many have early fall deadlines, so plan accordingly. Arrange meetings with faculty from whom you might request recommendations while you're abroad.
  • Study project proposals from past fellowship winners, available for review in the Office of Fellowships.
  • Drop off a résumé and transcript at the Office of Fellowships before you go abroad. Pick up other materials related to fellowships of interest.

While Abroad

  • Stay in touch with the Office of Fellowships while abroad. Subscribe to the fellowships listserv for announcements about upcoming deadlines.
  • Learn one or more local language; your ability to communicate represents a necessary precondition for fellowship success (and personal satisfaction)!
  • Investigate resources abroad. Contact graduate programs and research centers. Visit campuses and professors. Explore library resources wherever you travel.
  • Develop a project of interest to focus your fellowship pursuits. Do not wait for inspiration to strike.
  • Complete the applications for any fellowships with deadlines that fall while you are abroad.