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Find Housing

Use the following information and resources to help secure housing when you return to campus.

Secure Winter and Spring Quarter Housing

If you will be abroad during the fall, you should not participate in the returning student housing procedure held in the spring quarter. Instead, use the email procedure listed below.

  1. In mid-October, you will be sent an email from university housing that includes a link to the online application for housing.
  2. Complete the online application.
  3. Housing assignments will be made. In early December, you will be emailed an online housing contract, which will tell you where you were assigned.

University housing cannot guarantee a specific room assignment to study abroad students. However, to date, every student returning from fall quarter study abroad who has applied for university housing has received a university housing assignment.

Secure Fall Quarter Housing

If you will be abroad in the winter/spring quarters, university housing can help you participate in the returning student housing procedure.

  1. In February, you will be sent an email from university housing that includes preliminary application information.
  2. Register online for randomly generated priority numbers for fall quarter housing.
  3. Your friends on campus can then participate in the fall quarter self-assignment process, or undergraduate housing can assist you with the process. Students who were living on campus in the fall quarter and studying abroad for the winter/spring quarters are treated as returning residents. They may have difficulty selecting a room in the system, however, in which case the Undergraduate Housing Office would need to assist. See contact information below.

Greek Housing On-Campus

University housing oversees assignments to Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha. If you wish to be assigned to one of these two buildings, following the steps outlined above. For all other Greek units, contact your fraternity or sorority directly.

Additional questions about on-campus housing?

Contact university housing at or (847) 467-4663.

Questions can also be directed to:

There are many ways to find Evanston apartments, including both full and partial-year rentals and sublets: