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Position Yourself for Success

There are many ways to take advantage of your time abroad to network and work towards your professional goals.

Alumni Networks

Contact Alumni in your host country to discuss interning or working abroad.

  • Join LinkedIn and find NU alumni and other expatriates in your country.
  • Use Our Northwestern the alumni database of Northwestern to contact alumni abroad.

Research Post-Study Abroad Opportunities

If you decide to look for an internship or full time position in your host country after studying, be informed about work visa regulations in the country.

If you plan to return to the US to pursue an internship or full time position, there is a lot you can do from abroad! Read about Ben Chase's experience applying for an internship while studying abroad in Uruguay. He offers some great advice and dispels some of the myths about applying for a summer internship while studying abroad.

Concerned about missing out on recruitment while abroad? With a bit of extra planning, it is possible to participate in on-campus recruitment from overseas. 

Northwestern Career Advancement

Keep in contact with NCA to stay current with internship/full time job recruitment.

  • Skype with an NCA practitioner: during your study abroad you may have some new ideas or questions about your major or career plans!
  • Join NCA social media via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Build Relationships Abroad

Thinking of graduate or law school? Have one of your professors from abroad write a letter of recommendation (in English).