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On-Campus Recruiting

Some industries, such as consulting and finance, rely on On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) for interviewing candidates.  If you are taking part in OCR, here are some tips for navigating that process:

  • Articulate to the employer that you are abroad via your resume/cover letter.
  • If selected for an interview:
    • Note that all interviews are in the central time zone. If you are studying abroad in a different timezone, you will need to be prepared to work around the central time zone. This may involve interviewing at odd times.
    • Communicate EARLY to the recruiter that you will need to do the interview virtually. While employer policies and processes vary greatly on this, more and more organizations are open to remote recruiting.
  • Copy the appropriate Employer Relations Strategist on your request to the recruiter. They will work with you directly to provide the technical logistics for connecting you virtually with the recruiter at the designated interview timeslot.

Interested in consulting? Jose Santos, Associate Director of Student Career Advising, offers practical advice to help you prepare for participating in internship recruitment while abroad.

"Going abroad should not prevent you from participating in consulting internship recruitment. Recruiters have shared that, like on-campus candidates, quality of application is the determining factor in whether or not a student gets an interview." ~Jose Santos, Associate Director, Student Career Advising

Being aware of your intended industry's recruitment and hiring timeline will help you plan around your time abroad. hiring activity by industry