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Customer Service

On-Site Customer Service

Copying & digital printing customer service representatives are always available for on-site customer consultations. In these consultations, customer service representatives can:

For NU stationery printing services, contact Active Graphics, LLC.

Cost Estimates

Printing prices are designed to be competitive in the printing market and are generally lower than external vendors.

Printing Services provides accurate estimates on most orders. However, the estimate may no longer be valid if the order specifications change, or if the order is submitted more than thirty days past the original estimate date. Check the cost with the customer service representative before making any changes in your order.

Special Services

Special services include courier pickup and delivery to and from the customer's desk, large job production capabilities, mass mailings, and more.

Online Comment Card

Do you have feedback for Copying & Printing Services? Let us know what you think on our Online Comment Card.

Contact Us

If you have questions about orders, special services, or need other assistance, contact us.