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Lab Coat Laundry Services

Crothall Laundry Services provides laundry services for the labs and research community in Evanston and Chicago. Once enrolled in the program, you can charge the service to your NU chart string. Crothall will pick up and deliver customer-owned garments to each user group. Lab coats will be cleaned, pressed, and hung. Rental garments including scrubs, towels, bedsheets and rental lab coats will be cleaned, folded, and bagged. A delivery ticket will be placed on all delivered garments.

Enrollment Instructions

  1. Complete the Laundry Services Enrollment Form  (pdf) to enroll in the program.
  2. The FIRST time that you send a soiled garment for processing, print a copy of the enrollment form and place it in the pocket of the coat to be laundered. If you have multiple garments from the same owner, place them all in one bag with the printed copy of the enrollment form.
  3. Email the form to Crothall via the Submit button on the bottom of the form.
  4. Place your soiled garments at one of the drop points in your area (look for the baskets with yellow bags) or in the stockroom on your campus.

Crothall will process the form and send a confirmation email. Crothall will attach a unique bar code to the inside collar of customer-owned lab coats.

Rental Linens: To enroll in the rented linens and laundry program, complete the Laundry Services Enrollment - Rental Form  (pdf).

Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

Bio-Hazard Procedures

Delivery Times & Locations

Pick-up of dirty linens and drop-off of clean linens will be on a weekly schedule:

Drop-off and Delivery locations:

If you are not sure of the location nearest you, contact Joshua Bostick, Crothall Laundry Services Business Unit Manager at 847.313.9786. If you have enough laundry to warrant the setup of a new location, contact Theresa McClain at 3-0510.


Download a price list for laundry services  (pdf).

Other Services

Download the laundry services price list  (pdf) to see additional service costs.


Once enrolled in the program, you can charge the service to your NU chart string. Each department will be billed internally by Auxiliary Services at the end of each month.

Note: In most cases, laundry service is not allowed as a direct charge to a grant. Please provide a non-sponsored chart string for billing. Contact your grant administrator for assistance. A list of grant administrators is available on the ASRSP website.


Service/Procedure Questions: Contact Joshula Bostick, Crothall Laundry Services Business Unit Manager, at  or 847.313.9786

Billing Questions: Contact Theresa McClain, Auxiliary Services, at 3-0510

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