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Room Styles & Furnishings

Styles of Housing


All of our undergraduate housing options fall in to three basic styles of living: traditional, semi-suite, and suite. The descriptions below are meant to provide an idea of the kind of living environment in a particular community. The diagrams are for reference only and are not necessarily representative of the number of rooms in a suite or wing or the number of bathrooms in the community. The diagrams are also not drawn to scale.

Traditional Style traditional-suite-style.jpg

Traditional-style housing consists of a series of rooms and then a common bathroom. The residents are grouped by gender. Social lounges and study space are available in designated places throughout the building.

A sample traditional-style floor is pictured to the right.



Semi-Suite Style 


Semi-suites consist of a cluster of rooms around a common room and a bathroom. There is not a suite door, but each lounge and sleeping room is accessed via a shared hallway, similar to the traditional style set-up. Semi-suite buildings have more bathrooms with fewer residents sharing each one compared to traditional style. The suite residents are not necessarily the same gender, and on mixed gender floors the bathrooms are right next to each other.

A sample layout showing a semi-suite is pictured to the right. 



Suite Style suite-style.jpg

Suites consist of a cluster of rooms and a bathroom.  Select suites also include a common room while others include a common room and a kitchen. The suite residents are not necessarily all the same gender. The bathroom(s) and other suite spaces are intended for exclusive use by residents in that suite and their guests.

 A sample layout showing a suite is picture to the right.


Common Furnishings styles-and-furnishings2.jpg

Regardless of the style of housing, the University provides one of each of the following in undergraduate housing:

  • desk
  • desk chair
  • twin bed (with a twin extra long mattress)
  • closet or dresser
  • wastebasket

These are PER OCCUPANT, and so singles would have one of each item, doubles would have two of each, and triples would have three of each. All university furniture assigned to the room must remain in the room. 

Students are encouraged to bring fans in buildings that do not have air conditioning. View the building profile pages to see which buildings have air conditioning. 


Standard Sleeping Room Furniture Measurements:

  • Underbed Dressers - 30"W x 20" D x 20" H
  • Wardrobe - 42'W x 24" D x 72"H
  • Pedestal Drawers (under desk) - 16"W x 20"D x 28"H
  • Desk - 42"W x 24"D x 30"H
  • Desk Shelf - 42"W x 12"D x 24"H

Standard Bed Heights:

  • 22" from the floor to the underside of the bed
  • 54" from the floor to the bottom of a lofted bed