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Space Reservation Policy

General Policy Overview

  1. Residential Services is a fully self-funded auxiliary operation and therefore, Residential Services space is generally reserved for the benefit of students in residence (undergraduate and graduate).
  2. This policy covers usage of Residential Services facilities (hereafter, “RSF”), including, but not limited to, residence hall lounges, common areas, and dining facilities, located on the Evanston Campus.
  3. Use of RSF must be related to residential student programs, activities, or events.
  4. Events held within RSF space must benefit students residing in that community and/or residential student-affiliated groups.
  5. Appropriate use of RSF includes residential student group meetings, special events, and programs involving residential students and Residential Services staff.
  6. Priority for usage of space will be determined by Residential Services.
  7. The collection of money at an RSF-located event is prohibited. Only charitable, item donations (e.g., coats, toys) may be collected as a condition of entry to an event.
  8. All activities must be in compliance with Residence Services rules and regulations, as well as restrictions (e.g., quiet hours, guest restrictions) particular to the building where the RSF is located.

Space Usage Eligibility Requirements

  1. Residential Services staff and residential-affiliated groups (eg RHA, RCBs, programming boards, etc.) are eligible to utilize RSF space for programs and events.
  2. RSF usage by departments and organizations not affiliated with Residential Services are considered on a very limited exception basis.
  3. RSF spaces are not available for personal events or other private functions.
  4. Open meetings and/or events with mass, general public invitation are permissible only with the advance written approval by the Executive Director of Residential Services or specified designee.
  5. RSF space use by external organizations may occur as called for in special contracts or Northwestern University facility use agreements.
  6. Any exception to these policies can be made only with the advance written approval by the Executive Director of Residential Services or specified designee.

Space Use Requests and Reservations

  1. Residential Services sponsored events, programs, or meetings must be scheduled at least five (5) business days in advance of the scheduled event.
  2. Requests for multiple event dates or standing reservations are accepted. These requests will be reviewed and scheduled on an individual basis.
  3. Approved space reservations are subject to change. Notification of schedule and/or location changes will be provided by Residential Services.
  4. Requests for use of RSF space must be submitted via the Residential Services website.
  5. Residential Services will review each request and respond within two working days of receipt of request.
  6. All requests must include the following information:
    • Contact Person name, address, email, telephone
    • Name of organization
    • Description and purpose of activity
    • Targeted audience
    • Desired space location, first and second choices
    • Excepted/maximum attendance
    • Date and times, first and second choices
    • Description of how event is promoted
    • Food and beverage description
    • Funding source (NUFinancials, SOFO chartstring), if applicable
  7. Residential Services does not provide A/V equipment for events. Requests for A/V equipment must go through NUIT.

Food and Beverages

  1. Service of food is permissible within the assigned RSF space.
  2. Food and beverage items provided by external vendors are not permissible.
  3. Alcohol is not permissible at any event held within RSF space.

Safety and Security

  1. Event must be consistent with the purpose as specified in the RSF space usage form submitted to Residential Services.
  2. Each event must identify a coordinator who will be present at the event.
  3. One site coordinator per 50 guests is the minimum acceptable supervision ratio.
  4. Site coordinator must be a sponsor or leadership member of organization approved to use the Residential Service space.
  5. The coordinator is expected to:
    • Monitor and maintain orderly behavior of guests.
    • Ensure that maximum attendance must not exceed the amount specified in RSF space usage form.
    • Ensure that any guest is personally escorted in the community.
    • Ensure that the event does not disrupt other activities in the residential facility.
    • Clean the area and put all furnishings back in place. Report to Residential Services any problems.
    • Assume responsibility for all costs related to the event.
    • Attend a pre- and post-event meeting with Residential Services, if requested by Residential Services staff.

Violations of Residential Services Space Policy

  1. Space usage privilege may be revoked to individual student residents or resident groups who cause damage or fail to comply with Residential Services policies.
  2. Costs associated with event-related damages will be directly assessed to the sponsoring student or group.

Rental Rates

  1. Room rental rates are intended to allow Residential Services to recover costs associated with extraordinary service to non-residential individuals and groups and to ensure that student housing revenues are not used to support non-residential activities.
  2. Residential student organizations and staff are exempt from room usage fees.
  3. Individuals, organizations, and events that are not related to, or sponsored by, residential students or groups will be assessed a fee for space usage in order to cover operational expenses associated with RSF usage.
  4. Charges for RSF usage will be posted to NUFinancials / SOFO chartstring following the event.
  5. Itemized receipt will be provided only upon request.
  6. Fee schedule for usage of RSF space by non-residential students or groups is as listed below.
  7. Costs associated with damages or improper use of space will be directly charged to the provided NUFinancials/SOFO chartstring.
  8. Cancellation without penalty is required 48 hours in advance. If notification of cancellation is received less than 48 hours in advance of the event, the full fee will be assessed.

Dining Hall – Main Room

  • $175 per hour, includes room set-up and cleaning/trash removal
  • Minimum rental period is 2 hours
  • Allison/Sargent/Elder main dining rooms

Dining Hall – Secondary Room:

  • $100 per hour, includes room-set up and cleaning/trash removal
  • Minimum rental period is 1 hour.
  • All small dining rooms, including private dining rooms

Available Rooms

The following rooms are available for reservations:

Allison Hall

  • Main Dining Room | 179 capacity
  •  East Mezzanine | 25 capacity
  • West Mezzanine | 25 capacity
  • 531B “Garage”* | 15-25 capacity
  • 1021 Seminar Room | 16 capacity

Elder Hall

  • Elder Dining Room | 206 capacity
  • Elder 30 Seminar Room | 25 capacity
  • Elder 32 Seminar Room | 15 capacity

Foster Walker

  • East Dining Room | 122 capacity
  • West Dining Room | 108 capacity
  • West Private Dining Room | 23 capacity

Sargent Hall

  • Main Dining Room | 186 capacity
  • Sargent Private Dining Room | 12 capacity

*All Residential College Dining Rooms are not available during regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal hours M-F

Make Reservation Request

To make a room reservation request, please fill out the Room Reservation Request form.

To make a room reservation request in one of our graduate housing buildings, please read additional guidelines and find the electronic form on the Graduate Housing Services page.